Transverse Conveyors

Transverse Conveyors

1 tsplus BS2 transverse Conveyors
2 tsplus LG2 Lift Gates
3 tsplus BS2 Transverse Conveyors
4 tsplus BS2 Transverse Conveyors
5 tsplus bs2-k transverse conveyors
6 tsplus bs2 flat top chain conveyors
7 tsplus bs2 flat top chain conveyors
8 tsplus bs2 roller chain transverse conveyors
9 tsplus HD roller chain transerve conveyors

Transverse conveyors are designed to transfer pallets for short transport distances (e.g. between two rectangular lines) or as cycle-independent workstations. The BS2, BS2/M, and BS2/K are powered units that use standard or antistatic toothed belts for pallet transport. The BS2/0 is a non-powered toothed belt unit designed to be driven by a standard BS2 using a special drive coupling, thus saving the cost of a gear- box and motor. Unless otherwise stated, transverse conveyors are reversible.

Flat-top chain and roller chain BS2 units are available in standard and heavy duty configurations and provide increased payload carrying capacity.

Specify conveyor width, length, conveyor speed, motor voltage/frequency, motor position, and motor orientation when ordering.

The LG2 lift gate kit provides personnel and vehicle access through a conveyor line and uses a standard BS2 unit.

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