Stop Gates

Stop Gates

1 tsplus ve2 standard stop gates
2 tsplus ve2 positioning sensor kit
3 tsplus ve2 bi directional stops
4 tsplus ve2 heavy duty stops
5 tsplus ve2 rebound stop
6 tsplus ve2 cushioned stops
7 tsplus ve2 -d cushioned stop
8 tsplus ve2 fixed stops
9 tsplus ve2 pop-up stops
10 tsplus ve2 accumulation control kits

TSplus stop gates are used to stop workpiece pallets. Most are pneumatically operated and mount between the conveyor section guide rails. There are two basic pneumatic stops available, standard or cushioned.
Stop gates can halt workpiece pallet travel on the leading edge or trailing edge depending upon the application. Stop gates also have mounting areas for proximity switch brackets which are used to monitor workpiece pallet traffic.

Cushioned stops are recommended where sensitive material is being conveyed at higher conveyor speeds. The cushioning is adjustable and can be varied for the weight of the workpiece pallet.

A fixed stop is available to halt pallet travel at the end of a BS2 conveyor, a spur line
or anywhere a positive pallet stop is required. Accumulation control kits are used to prevent excessive pressure on a stop gate when multiple workpiece pallets must be stopped by a single stop.

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