Rocker Stops

Rocker Stops

1 tsplus wi-m rocker stop
2 tsplus wi-m protective cover
3 tsplus wi2 rocker stop
4 tsplus cushioned rocker stop kit
5 tsplus wi2-h heavy duty rocker stop
6 wi2-d heavy duty cushioned rocker stop

Rocker stops are used for area monitor- ing, workpiece pallet detection and as a stop when transporting a pallet transversely to an adjacent conveyor line.Area monitoring is accomplished with the rocker stop bar and a proximity switch. As long as the pallet is in contact with the rocker bar, the proximity switch detects the presence of the pallet. The area monitored will be the length of the rocker stop bar.

Fitting a rocker stop with a second proximity switch allows monitoring of the area and, the position of a workpiece pal- let can be detected. As an example, this would be a requirement if using a rocker stop in conjunction with a reversible lift transfer unit.

When using a lift transfer unit a rocker also serves as a stop for the workpiece pallet and together with a proximity switch, signals the presence of the pallet.

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