Manual Production Systems

Manual Production Systems

Manual Productions Systems Page Any company’s economic success is built on top-quality products and services that result in the highest level of customer satisfaction. Given this fact, it is only logical that companies strive for continuous improvement across all levels of their operations.

Comprehensive success relies not only on lean, waste-free processes, but also on ergonomically designed work systems that allow employees to do their jobs with no waste. Good ergonomics serves to support the value chain and reduce waste.

With MPS you have a production system that places equal importance on both lean production and ergonomics.

MPS – a complete ESD-protected system

Damage to ESDSs and their printed circuit boards result in high costs. Damage leads to an irreversible change in the device and a reduction in the ESDS service life. Dangerous component voltages have an effect on ESDS sensitivity.

The most effective way to reduce ESD is to simply avoid electric charges or to conduct carried charges safely. Rexroth’s ESD program, with ergonomically designed components, will assist you in designing a production system that avoids electrostatic discharge. With suitable materials and connection technology, the components in the ESD program are either electrostatically conductive or deflective and create a fully protected system.
To ensure and maintain the ESD-conductive properties, we recommend checking conduction resistance at regular intervals after assembly.

Rexroth components fulfill the requirements for the protection of ESDSs (DIN EN 61340-5-1). The individual national personal safety regulations must be observed during assembly and connection.