Flat-Top Chain Drive Components

Flat-top Chain Drive Components

1 tsplus standard flat-top chain
2 tsplus heavy duty flat-top chain
3 tsplus lu2 chain lubrication
4 tsplus lu2
5 tsplus um2 return units
6 tsplus st2 striaght and curved conveyor
7 tsplus gt2 flat-top chain
8 tsplus st2 module

TSplus flat-top chain drives are the most versatile of the three conveying media that Bosch Rexroth offers. Drives and returns can be linked together end-to- end to create extended conveyor lines of almost any length. The side flexing flat-top chain allows you to utilize in-line, serpentine, carousel or a mix to meet just about any assembly requirement. Drive units are available in standard and heavy duty models.

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